Tuesday, August 25, 2009

End of an Era

Last week when I was in Utah, Robyn and I found ourselves with a little time to kill. We decided to go to some local dealerships because we'll be needing a new car soon with the arrival of MKSIV. We decided to take my beloved 1973 Pontiac Grandville with us to see if anyone would give us a trade in for it. It's too old (or too experienced, as she preferred to say), to qualify for Cash for Clunkers, but we thought some dealership might be desperate enough to take it.

We stopped by VW to see what they had. Robyn had fallen in love with the Tiguan (a small SUV) in Pennsylvania. Long story short, the dealer gave me $2900 for my car, which is what I paid for it. We love our Tiguan, but it was very difficult for me to say good bye to my beauty. She was a faithful car and got me to wherever I needed to go in grandiose style. Here's a brief timeline of some memorable events in our time together:

July 2003: Still smarting from a tough break up with a 1994 VW Passat, Matt was perusing the classifieds when he spied an ad for a 1973 Pontiac Grandville. Unfamiliar with that model of Pontiac, he googled Grandville and decided to respond. As soon as he saw the car at Sally Fink's house in Millersville, Pa (aged 92), he instantly fell in love (with the car).

July 2003: While driving the car back from work, the heater core gave way, resulting in a flood of antifreeze on Matt's feet. ($220)

July 2003: Shocks replaced ($160)

August 2003: Matt had the car shipped out to him in Utah ($900)

March 2004: The transmission had to be rebuilt for the paltry sum of $400.

July 2004: While at Sonic car wash in Provo, the hood of the Grandville is severely damaged by the car wash. The windshield is also shattered. The car wash paid for all repairs.

November 2004: Heater motor gives out ($250)

February 2005: Radiator replaced ($230)

April 2005: Starter replaced ($200)

August 2005: While driving home one evening, the power steering suddenly gives way. The culprit turned out to be something called the power steering gear box. A replacement was finally located in Georgia at a cost of $300.

Late August 2005: Matt drives his Grandville 17 hours across the country to Tulsa, OK for law school with no problem ($275 for gas).

May 2006: Brake work totalling $250.

January 2007: After noticing a small hiccup in the car's acceleration, it is discovered that the valves need extensive work. The car is in the shop for a month at a cost of over $1,000.

April 2007: Battery and alternator are replaced ($125)

June 2008: While sitting in his car, Matt detects the strong odor of gasoline, which he later finds pouring out the bottom of the engine. Fuel pump is replaced for $250.

April 2009: Matt and Robyn move to Pennsylvania, leaving the Grandville in the covered garage of Robyn's parents' condo.

August 2009: After 36 years and 89,871 miles of loyal service, the Grandville is unceremoniously discarded for a newer, hipper, foreign car, much to the delight of Robyn. Like the Giving Tree, the old Grandville had imparted its all for the happiness of her owner.

I love you, Grandville, and will ever hold you in sacred memory.


Jackie (updated profile) said...

it was time to cut the cord. You omitted the many memories you and Joshie have going back and forth in your car to the pool and such.

Heather said...

Congrats and condolances on the switch. Can't wait to see pics of the new car!

Collectorpro Software said...

I hope the wholesales sells the Grand Ville to a good new home!
Brian Hiatt

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