Monday, February 22, 2010

Getting My Body Back!

Today, Matthew is 14 weeks old. Time has flown by. A few weeks back (7 weeks back) I started attempting P90X. Being so out of shape, I figured doing three workouts a week was pretty darn good. After the first week of workouts, I was able to get into one of my Ann Taylor skirts for church. I was thrilled!!! I didn't have to wear the black stretchy skirt in size large that I picked up from Target in December because nothing in my closet fit. I also discovered that most of my skirts are very form fitting. Not helping the cause. I was feeling pretty sexy that week at church and received lots of compliments. That is great motivation! A few weeks later I found a scale at my sister-in-law, Mary's house. I got on and saw the dreaded news: 161 lbs. I had not lost a single pound since my 4 week visit to the OBGYN! How could this be? Well, it could be that I had been eating tons of junk food. We were snowed in twice and what do you do when you have nothing else to do? Bake the yummiest treats and eat. Still, I was really disappointed, so I gave up working out entirely for 2 weeks. This is not helping my self esteem. I feel horrible about the way I look. I can't stand it any more. So, I am taking a stand. I am going to get through 90 days of P90X even if it kills me! I have decided to cut out ALL sweets for six days a week and give myself one free day. The reason I'm doing that is I think it is unrealistic to cut out sugar entirely. I will never be able to keep that up long term and I am bound to slip up and give in to the deep temptation of chocolate. But, I know that if I look at my week and focus on one day where I can eat anything and know that day is coming, I know I can be really good and healthy the other six days. I have started a new blog entitled: My P90X Body Quest. I had Matt take pictures of me from all sides so I can track my progress. The pictures will never be seen by anyone outside of Matt and myself. Believe me, you don't want to see them. I am only posting this post on our family blog so that everyone I know well will know about my goal and ask me about it occasionally. So that I have to be held accountable. My goal is to get my body back to where it was just before I got married. Probably in the best shape of my life and about 130-133 pounds. I want desperately to fit into the cute shorts I wore on our honeymoon. Is that too lofty a goal?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I thought it looked pretty. Yes, I have a thing for taking pictures of the food I make.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


That's what our endlessly charming and fit-for-command president called the recent snowstorm that crippled the mid atlantic states. It's one of the few things we agree on. One weekend we got about 22" of snow, only to get about 18" more the next week. The previous huge snowstorm that I remember around these parts was around 1993. I remember having to walk to the doctor's office with my mom because the roads were completely unpassable. It was also so cold that my abundant nose hairs froze solid.

I managed to make it to my Richmond hearings on Monday morning after the huge weekend storm. I then drove to Baltimore-Washington airport to fly up to Erie, Pa. the day before the next storm. By the time I got to Detroit for my layover, Delta had already cancelled my flight home the next afternoon. The last thing in the world I wanted was to be stranded in Erie, Pa for a second longer than I had to, so I decided to drive my rental car to Harrisburg airport and have Robyn meet me there. It started snowing on my way home, however, and by the time I got near Harrisburg, it was snowing so heavily that we didn't think it was safe for Robyn to continue. So I had her turn around and I brought the rental home. There it sat all the next day until I finally returned it to BWI, where my car was sitting since Monday. It was a long, drawn out ordeal, and I was lucky that work was fitting the $371 bill for the rental.

Robyn and I had a great time being snowed in, mostly because when you're cloistered up in your house your first instinct is to bake stuff. Which we did. Again and again. I even got out of one of my hearings in Philadelphia on Thursday.

The view out our front door.

The back door.