Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mt. Gretna Lake

We headed up to Mt. Gretna today, near Lebanon for those of you that know the area. It is in the middle of no where, so it took just over an hour to get there from our house even though it's only 34 miles away. It is BEAUTIFUL. I've been up to Mt. Gretna twice before to go to the Jiggershop, an old fashioned ice cream shop and restaurant. I feel like I am in the mountains when I am there and that is why it is so endearing to me as I miss my Utah mountains. This is my niece, Sienna, in front of the lake. She is out to stay with us for two weeks. I am so glad she came! We are having a great time and she is so helpful with Matthew, doing the dishes, and even made us breakfast one morning.

Matthew swinging for the first time.
I think he likes it!
Matthew by the lake.
Me and Matthew - since I am always the photographer, it's hard to get a good shot of the two of us.
He snatched my glasses and is so proud of himself!
Sienna splashing into the water from a trapeze type rope swing. They also had a diving board platform and a high dive platform (minus the diving board).
Matthew crawling in the water. He kept trying to eat the sand.
Loving the beach.