Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Deep Breath . . .

By now you probably think you know all there is to know about breathing. You have no idea how wrong you are. I watched first hand as Robyn and her friend Andrea transcended the bounds of normal inhaling and exhaling and entered a new zen-like realm of respiration. One of Robyn's friends from high school works as some hippie guru who teaches people how to breathe deeply and "reconnect to life, love, lightness, and laughter." Since Robyn's breathing guru lives in California, the whole session was conducted via skype. So with Robyn's laptop on the floor, Robyn and Andrea lied down and embarked on a magical mystery tour. I only heard bits and pieces of the session, but Justin urged them on as negative energy left their bodies and positive energy rushed in. As I later told them, the only thing missing were incense, a lava lamp, and a big old bong full of reefer. Be sure to ask Robyn to share what she's learned with you!

Robyn and Andrea, feeling a new bond after learning how to breathe more fully and love more deeply, share a hug.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Viva Las Vegas!

Mandy and I are enjoying Las Vegas. We left on Wednesday morning as it was snowing in Utah and came to 70 degree weather in Vegas. It has been a nice and relaxing time.

This is a park that we hung out at before going to see The Secret Life of Bees. We thought the palm trees are a bit deceiving and make it look like we are at a lush tropical location and not in the barren dessert.

We were able to get tickets to Love at The Mirage for an unbelievable price. Let's jut say we worked out a deal with a "friend." Thanks to Melanie, an old roommate, who lives here locally, we were able to get 5th row seats at a fraction of the cost!

Mandy and I just before the show.

Melanie and I posing with the ticket taker.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dawn of a New Era

Well, 55 million people woke up this morning a little disappointed to find that Barack HUSSEIN (their emphasis, not mine) Obama was elected president. Some people believe that Obama's election will spell the hastening of the Apocalypse or the morphing of our democratic republic into a grey, drab, socialist nightmare. I think it will probably mean lots of spending, higher taxes, and bitter, long winded diatribes on conservative talk radio and not much more. I wasn't an Obama supporter, but I do think that it's a big deal that an African American was elected to the nation's highest office.

Meanwhile, in California, Proposition 8 passed by a sizeable margin. A small minority of people will claim this is legalized bigotry. I disagree. 99% of the supporters of Proposition 8 didn't want gay marriage banned out of a hate for homosexuals, but out of a strong belief in the sanctity of marriage and its importance in building a strong society. And at the risk of offending people, I think this issue also showed the true colors of a lot of members of the Church. It's beyond me how one could sustain the Church yet think it's wrong on an issue on which there is absolutely no wiggle room. Personal associations have nothing to do with it. Having a child or sibling who lives that lifestyle doesn't justify defying not only your leaders, but what you know is right.

But enough of politics! Many of our readers prefer not to read about stuff that isn't trite and cutesy. I'm in New Orleans today for a hearing. I took some time to go to the French Quarter to see the sights. I happened upon a movie crew filming an upcoming movie called "Welcome to Riley's," starring James Gandolfini. I was within spitting distance of the star. The scene I witnessed saw Gandolfini running down a city block as if he were chasing someone. They did several takes. He looked winded. Robyn is in Las Vegas enjoying a week off with Mandy. Hopefully she'll give a full report when she returns this weekend.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Going Goth

Matt and I decided to dress up for Halloween this year and head to Jon and Jess's party in West Valley City.  Jess has been asking me to go to this party for the last three years, and I have been working every year.  Matt came up with two costume ideas - gothic or dressing as McCain and Palin.  We decided to go goth!  It was hilarious to watch Matt paint his own fingernails black and apply makeup.  He started to look a bit feminine all of a sudden.  We had a great time except that our poor little nephews didn't even recognize us.