Thursday, July 23, 2009


Matt and I were able to go to Idaho to visit my sister, Holly, and her family in Boise. In order to use points and credits on airlines to avoid paying $600 a ticket, we went out at different times. Matt left July 1st and came back the 7th. I went out on the 4th of July and came back the 15th. We had a great time swimming, setting off fireworks on the 4th, hosting BBQ's, making and eating delicious desserts, going to the movies, slipping out on occasion to go to eat sans kids, and playing games. Unfortunately, about the time I got to Boise, Matt came down with some kind of stomach virus. We LOVE spending time with the Casos family and are always sad to leave. Here are some pictures to highlight our trip (Kayla was took a lot of pictures with her camera - so when she gets back from girls' camp I will have to get those from her).

My girlfriends Julie and Lisa came up from Utah to hang out a bit. Tristan lives in Kuna (just outside Boise). We had such a good time - we met up at the Cottonwood Grille downtown. Tristan and I had some killer chocolate banana bread pudding.
We met up with my girlfriends' (minus Lisa) and their families at Zoo Boise. These are my nieces Kristina, Danielle, and Capri on the Jeep.
Jericho in the driver's seat of the Jeep. He is such a cutie! This and the slides were his favorite parts of the zoo.
Julie, me and Tristan in front of the fake elephants. Truthfully, this zoo is not great. But, it was nice to be out with friends and enjoy the sun!

That night we had a BBQ at Holly's house. The kids had a great time playing in the backyard and we enjoyed chatting. Julie, Tristan, Lisa, and me. Thanks so much for coming up girls! It was so great to see you!
We went out "camping" over the weekend 2 hours north of Boise. Steve and Sienna surprised us when we pulled up to a cabin. It was a really nice home their friends let us stay in. It was hilarious though, because some of the girls were really disappointed. Kristina kept saying "this is not camping, I thought we were going camping." I told her I'd be happy to help her put up a tent in the grass. Kayla planned the menu for the weekend and her comment was "we could have been eating lasagna." I was quite happy to sleep in a bed instead of on the ground in a sleeping bag and I even let Capri sleep with me. We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows over a fire built by Danielle. Holly and I made potatoes in the dutch oven, but unfortunately those weren't done until almost midnight, so we had them for breakfast the next morning.
The next day, we went to a lake and hung out on the beach. Steve and the girls biked to the lake from the cabin. It was really overcast that day, so none of the adults got in the water.
Steve sitting in his chair. He later fell asleep and he looked like a little kid hunched over in his chair. I have a picture on someone else's camera, I may have to snatch.
Unfortunately, we had some car trouble on the way up. The Suburban's fuel pump went out. We were lucky to get it all the way to Horshoe bend (20 miles from home) on the way back before the car gave out and we had it towed and friends came to haul the U-Haul back (which stowed all the bikes) and take half of the crew home. The girls and Holly took turns trying to lift the U-Haul. They were unsuccessful, but it was fun to watch!
My last night, we went to Harry Potter. We had watched all 5 movies over the few days prior to prepare ourselves for the big premier at midnight! I didn't get to sleep until 3:30 that night and had to leave for the airport and an 8 hour trip home via airplane. I was exhausted!
We had to sit in two's because the theater was so packed. Sienna and I sat together and managed to stay awake by drinking Cherry Coke and eating almost a whole bucket of popcorn. Those of you who know my track record with movies will be VERY impressed that I made it through a midnight showing. I was so tired all day before the movie and failed at my attempt to take a nap beforehand.
The manager for the theater came in to do some Harry Potter trivia and gave prizes to those that answered the questions correctly. Holly's Blackberry came through when she was able to answer that 15,000 girls auditioned for the part of Luna Lovegood.
Holly and Capri. The girls decided to dress up a little by putting scars on their foreheads.
Steve and Kristina. They even put the dark mark on their arms. I had to laugh because the girls were in the kitchen decorating their arms and Steve walked in and said, "What are you doing?" He sounded pretty upset (he doesn't like the girls marking their bodies - my dad was the same way). They told him what they were up to and he seemed alright with it. Come to find out, just before he walked in the kitchen he had looked up the mark on the internet and drew it on his arm! I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Thanks for a fabulous week (and a half) Casos Family! I can't wait to visit in September.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Living at the BWI

I had a connecting flight from Virginia today into BWI--Baltimore Washington International--on my way to New York City. My 2:30 flight was overbooked so they asked for volunteers to be bumped in exchange for remuneration in vouchers. I am always willing to subject myself to all kinds of torture for free vouchers so Robyn can fly back to her old home and visit family, so I volunteered. Little did I know the subsequent flight, at 7:00 would be delayed . . . and delayed . . . and delayed. Scheduled departure time is now 9:40pm. So I ask you, our devoted readership of dozens, how much would you have to be given to make it worth your while to sit in an airport for 8 hours?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Brief Update

As usual, we've neglected our blog a little, but we've been busy. I flew out to Boise July 1st. Robyn joined me on the 4th. I had to leave on the 7th for a hearing in Chicago while Robyn stayed out there another week. The last week without Bobs has been tortuously lonely and miserable. I can't wait for her to get home. We both had a wonderful time with the Casoses and thoroughly enjoy their company. Little MKSIV continues to grow and encroach upon Robyn's vital organs. Said Robyn to me last night: "he'd better be cute for me to be going through this." I assured her that I would do my part to ensure he would be a little cutie like his dad.

In other news, some gays held a make out fest in front of the temple after they had been drinking, became combative with church security and police, and had to be escorted off the premises. They, of course, painted a picture of them walking reverently past the reflecting pool and being sprayed in the face with mace for no other reason that having rainbow bracelets on.

On Monday my travels took me to El Dorado, Arkansas, the garden spot of "The Natural State," as it's known, for it's strict disavowal of modern deodorants and dentistry. Here's a picture of my hotel:

On Thursday I go to Providence, Rhode Island!