Friday, January 28, 2011

Getting Acquainted With Snow

We got plenty of snow this week. Not as much as we did last season, but definitely the biggest snow of the year. I decided to put Matthew's snowsuit to good use and go to the park during a lull in the storm. It was super cold and I bundled him up with two layers underneath his suit to make sure he was nice and cozy. His poor little cheeks, chin, and nose were so red that I couldn't bare to keep him out long.

What is with all this white stuff?

I think this was taken right after he stuck his face in the snow. He found out just how cold it is!
Matt making a big snow ball.

Matthew being pulled around on the shovel sled.

Mommy & Matthew

I think I'm ready to be done.

It was just too hard to walk in the snow, so Matthew decided to crawl in it.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

14 Months

It feels like we just barely celebrated Matthew's first birthday! Since then he has mastered the art of walking. He is into everything. He is getting pretty good at climbing up onto the couch, onto the bed, and is trying really hard to climb over his crib - I'm really not looking forward to the time when he figures that one out! Matthew frequently throws toys and other objects (including my cell phone) into the garbage can in the kitchen. After seeing mommy and daddy throw things in there from time to time, he's decided that is the thing to do. If only he realized that we are actually throwing garbage in there. Consequently, we have to check the trash several times a day to salvage the toys. He is obsessed with my VitaMix and Bosch mixer. Why are the real toys never good enough to play with? He has gotten really good at putting shapes into his shape sorter he got for Christmas. Matthew is constantly trying to imitate what we say. He is still biting us and loves to bite toes for some reason! The other day he bit me and I said, "Matthew, don't bite me!" He promptly said, "Bite me!" I was laughing pretty hard. This boy LOVES to eat! I really can't think of anything that he won't eat. He loves clementines and oranges. I feel like I am constantly feeding him. He is also at that stage where he will throw his food on the floor when he is done. Sometimes this little boy is a handful, but we sure do love him!

We haven't been very good about taking pictures since we stopped taking the daily photos. So, here is a memory from a year ago when he was four months:

This is my friend, Jessica (who has since moved to New Zealand). We were at Costco in Lancaster when we discovered that Matthew had a blow out! It was really tricky getting him all cleaned up and changing his diaper and clothes in the car while. We were laughing so hard!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Library Time

We finally made it to library time. It is at 11:15 a.m. which is usually right during Matthew's nap time. One day when he decided not to take his morning nap, we decided to get ready and go enjoy reading time instead. There are two older ladies that have been doing this for years at our library. They did a great job of keeping things moving and keeping the kids involved. Matthew did better than I expected. He is quite the explorer and left to check out the rest of the library a few times. We came on a special day and got to meet Corduroy.

Matthew is not shy at all. He was very curious about this bear and was the first one to meet him!

Easily distracted!

Matthew's friend Eliza met us at the library.

Eliza checking out Corduroy.