Friday, January 28, 2011

Getting Acquainted With Snow

We got plenty of snow this week. Not as much as we did last season, but definitely the biggest snow of the year. I decided to put Matthew's snowsuit to good use and go to the park during a lull in the storm. It was super cold and I bundled him up with two layers underneath his suit to make sure he was nice and cozy. His poor little cheeks, chin, and nose were so red that I couldn't bare to keep him out long.

What is with all this white stuff?

I think this was taken right after he stuck his face in the snow. He found out just how cold it is!
Matt making a big snow ball.

Matthew being pulled around on the shovel sled.

Mommy & Matthew

I think I'm ready to be done.

It was just too hard to walk in the snow, so Matthew decided to crawl in it.


Holly said...

It's no wonder he can't walk. So many layers of clothes on that poor boy. :) Cant wait to take him tubing next year!

Music Mama said...

So cute! He reminds me so much of Jett when we lived in Alaska. They have similar snow suits, and cute roundy faces :)

Marian said...

Oh he is just so cute. I love his boots, but most of all his expressions on his face!! Can't wait to give him a big hug.

Old Matt said...

Super cute! :)

Rumsey's said...

He looks like such a big boy. I like his cute little red nose. Adorable pics :)