Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Today my friend Tina helped me go get seed packets for a project I am in charge of for the upcoming Church-sponsored Youth Prom. Matt and I are sharing one car now. We have sold two cars in the last month, preparing to move to Idaho. I caught this picture of Kellan and Matthew in the backseat holding hands. So sweet!

These are the seed packets I created as party favors for the youth. They are filled with roasted/salted sunflower seeds and chocolate covered sunflower seeds. A line from a primary song is included inside:

Faith is like a little seed: If planted it will grow.

These took hours to create and I am so grateful to Tina, Ashley, Joe, and Matt for all of their hard work in helping!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Baby Bodmann!

Today we went with Aunt Mary to her 20 week ultrasound. We found out she is having a girl! The first granddaughter on the Steen side. We are super excited for Mary and Mark and can't wait to meet her in September!

Friday, April 8, 2011

We found a home!

Matt came out twice while we were out West. He flew out with us to Idaho and then he came back a few weeks later to Idaho to go look out houses. We decided we wouldn't buy anything unless we were totally in love with it. We really thought we would end up renting for our first year out here and then look for a home over the course of the year. We looked at a lot of short-sales, but decided we didn't want to play the waiting game with the banks. We happened upon this home which we both really loved. We had also met with a builder and I was getting excited about being able to pick out my own finishes and the thought of having a brand new home in a great neighborhood was really appealing to me. We decided to put an offer on a home and Matt and I agreed that if it wasn't accepted we would build. To our surprise, they accepted and only countered to change the closing date to a month earlier than we had anticipated moving out. We were able to work things out with Matt's work and our landlord in PA to move out the end of April.

We are really happy to have found this house.
The home is basically a rambler with a bonus room above the garage. The previous owners spent quite a bit of money putting upgrades in and making the home look brand new. Neither of us were too keen on fixing up a home, so we are happy to have found a home that is move-in-ready.

Spring Trip Out West

Matthew and I spent a few weeks visiting with family and friends in Idaho and Utah. Here are a few pictures documenting out trip. I am getting super lazy at taking pictures :)

We went four wheeling with the Casos family. Matthew was a good sport hanging out back at base.
Capri and Matthew
Matthew just loves Jericho. He thinks he is pretty big stuff sharing the bathtub with J-boy!
In Utah now: Matthew hanging out with his cousin Ruby who is 4 months younger than him.
Big smiles!
Matthew hanging out with his cousins, the Proulx boys.
Heather's girls: Katie, Brooklyn, and Presley after making delicious chocolate dipped strawberries.
Yes, they were really good!
Had to get a picture with Grandma Shipley!
I was so excited that my trip coincided with my friend, Kristin's wedding. These are girls I worked with at Ann Taylor. Miss them so much!
With the gorgeous bride!
Celebrating Aunt Melissa's birthday at the clubhouse.
Melissa and Sam getting ready to blow out the candles. She's a beauty!
Dishing out the cake.