Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Living at the BWI

I had a connecting flight from Virginia today into BWI--Baltimore Washington International--on my way to New York City. My 2:30 flight was overbooked so they asked for volunteers to be bumped in exchange for remuneration in vouchers. I am always willing to subject myself to all kinds of torture for free vouchers so Robyn can fly back to her old home and visit family, so I volunteered. Little did I know the subsequent flight, at 7:00 would be delayed . . . and delayed . . . and delayed. Scheduled departure time is now 9:40pm. So I ask you, our devoted readership of dozens, how much would you have to be given to make it worth your while to sit in an airport for 8 hours?


Jackie (updated profile) said...

8 hours? Ouch.

I don't have a long comment today, I'm too distracted by how comfy I am in my own soft, snugly ,bed.

Brian & Chelsey said...

that sucks....i have had delays but nothing like that! Thanks for doing that for Robyn though! :) Its appreciated!!!!!