Saturday, August 8, 2009

Cabin Trip!

Well, it's time I update the blog. Matt has been threatening to shut it down, so I better get posting. It's been a long while. I spent the whole month of August in Utah and the first week of September in Idaho. Matt had a CRAZY schedule in August. He was gone in a different state almost every day during the week, so we decided I should get a good visit in before this baby comes (40 more days!!!). I really enjoyed my visit. I spent the first week with my friend, Kristin. She helped me make some things for the baby (pictures will be posted). Then, I headed to the cabin with my sister, Heather and her family. We went to the Rodeo one night in Logan. We got there an hour early for a "pre-show" which ended up being the tractor plowing the dirt and a few people riding their horses around. My brothers, Jon and Matt, and their families joined us Saturday and Sunday. It was so great to watch my nieces and nephews play together.

This is Brooklyn sitting across from me. She stared at me most of the way up to the cabin.
Presley stylin' in her sunglasses on the way to the cabin.

Presley and Katie pushing the mini carts at Lee's in Logan.

The girls watching the "pre-show."

Becky reading to the kids. She was amazing with them. She had them all draw pictures to post on the wall in the cabin for Grandma and Grandpa.
Baby I
Maggie enjoying the creek and the mud.
Me by the campfire.
Jess, Jon, Ira, and Beck.
We celebrated Ben's Birthday - he blew out candles on top of marshmallows to kick off the smore fest!
Ira and Beck enjoying their smores.
Steve, Brooklyn, Heather, Katie and Presley.


Rumsey's said...

Look how cute you are Robyn! Good lookin' pregnant lady :)

AHHHH!!! It's almost time for that baby to come. No more traveling around for you!

Jackie said...

No pictures from your baby shower(s)??

lisa said...

Great pictures Bobs! All your nieces and nephews have grown up so much! I can't believe only 40 more days!! How are you feeling??

Coombs Family said...

Cute, but we need more recent prego pictures of you! We miss you and your cute belly!

Robyn said...

Don't worry, I've only just begun - more pictures and posts coming :)