Sunday, August 16, 2009

I Made a Big Mistake

This is too funny not to share. First, a little background. A little more than a week ago I was chatting via facebook with an old mission friend, Wade Bean. A few days later I got an invitation to view "Bean's blog." I was happy to accept the invitation. I visited Bean's blog, and noticed that it was obviously new. There were two posts, but I only read the most recent one, about their garden. The author wrote about the various vegetables growing in the garden: watermelon, cantaloupes, tomatoes, and, most notably, beans. The author wrote that there were "little bean plants" growing and that they would have "little beans anyday now!" Anyone who knows me knows I strive to make funny little comments on peoples' blogs whenever I see a good opportunity. So I left the following comment on the blog: "Wait a minute, I know what's going on here. 'Little bean plants??' 'We're going to have little beans here any day?' These are metaphors for saying you're PREGNANT!!! Congrats, Elder Bean!!!"

I was just so proud of myself for another witty showing on someone's blog. Then I noticed there was a comment from someone named Marian. I clicked on the name and it was my own mother-in-law! Well, the LDS Church often makes the world even smaller than it seems, so I figured that Marian knew Elder Bean's wife so I left yet another comment: "Hey, I noticed my mother-in-law posted a comment. Is your wife a sibling of my wife, elder Bean? I guess it's possible I could've missed you guys at family dinners." Another funny comment! I was on a roll!

I went back to the blog later in the day and decided to look at the other post I hadn't read yet. It was about a recent trip to Lagoon. And there were 5 comments, from Holly Casos, Danielle Casos, Kayla Casos, Capri Casos, and Sienna Casos. Now I was just totally confused. How on earth did Elder Bean know my entire family??? Then I got an epiphany. This wasn't Elder Bean's family blog, it was Kristina Casos's blog! My 10 year old niece, and I had left a comment saying she was pregers!!!! Embarrassed and mortified, I deleted the comments, hopefully before anyone saw what I had left. Ironically, this is why many blogs are kept private, to keep weirdos from posting things. Sorry Kristina.


Jackie (updated profile) said...

Oh my. That is pretty funny. How weird you must feel..

Holly said...

I cannot stop laughing. That is HILARIOUS!!! The only thing that would have made it better would have been if I noticed it before you had time to delete it, and could have ribbed you about it for years to come. . . oh wait, I still can!

Rumsey's said...


She may have gotten an e-mail with the comment though if she's subscribed to that... She'll forgive you though.