Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Endless Travel Finally Pays Off

I travel a lot for my job. Flight attendants know me by name. They have my drink order memorized when they come to my seat. It's regrettable, but my job keeps me away from home a good deal. I try to equalize the ill effects of travel on my family life by laying claim to every possible benefit I can. For the past 10 months I've been racking up a lot of miles on Delta and Rapid Rewards credit on Southwest. Tomorrow, when I return from Jackson, Mississippi to Baltimore, I will achieve my 100th credit and secure a companion pass for Robyn. That means that whenever and wherever I fly on Southwest, she can fly with me for free! (subject to seat availability). This has been a long awaited perk. We hope to be able to take advantage by flying to Utah or Boise every now and again.

As I type this, Robyn is driving across the country with her mom in our new Tiguan. She loves it and is very glad, again, that my old car is gone. But let me stress the Tiguan will never take the place of honor in our blog banner.

Lastly, I'm in Mississippi today. I think I always say this, but we're hiring more attorneys around the country so the opportunities for me to travel this far are growing fewer. Right across from my hotel is a Shoney's restaurant. When I was a kid I enjoyed many a fine meal at the all-you-can eat breakfast bar. Though I usually opt for the free hotel breakfast to save on my per diem, I'm going to have to splurge and go for Shoney's!


Jackie said...

ohh, the memories. Do you remember Bojangles? Now that was good eatin.

Marian said...

Glad you're having a good breakfast. You do need to treat yourself once in a while. Robyn and I are sure enjoying the ride to PA. See you in 2 days!