Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Leisurely Bike Ride

Matthew loves sitting in the back of Jericho's bike. A few of us decided to take a bike ride through Holly's neighborhood and check out the duck pond. I rode right behind Kristina to make sure my baby boy was safe.

He did pretty well, except for the occasion when he'd stand up and I'd yell at him to sit back down. Kristina realized afterward that he may have been imitating her when she'd stand up to pedal the bike.
When we got to the pond, he made a b-line for the water.

Danielle, Matthew and Kristina

Aunt Holly caught up to us in the middle of our ride.

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Morgan and Holly said...

Robyn! Keep the posts coming :) I am loving all of these adorable pictures of Matthew and the updates on your life!