Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Maple Creek

We decided to head to the cabin for Memorial Day Weekend. Matt and I left in the early afternoon and we arrived about the same time as my parents who were driving up from Utah. Holly and Steve left a few hours later and ran into some problems with the lights on the trailer that was towing the four-wheelers back to the cabin (Steve borrowed the four-wheelers to go hunting over the winter), so didn't get in until 1 a.m.!

Saturday morning, Jericho woke up early thus waking up Matthew. Holly and I ended up in the car with Jericho and Matthew trying to fall asleep and having a hard time of it after Sienna and Capri decided to join us and were arguing with each other :) We decided at 8 a.m. it was safe to go back inside.

We spent most of the day Saturday riding four-wheelers and playing games. It wasn't super warm yet at the cabin, so our hands would be freezing after riding for some time. Jericho's favorite thing about the cabin are the four-wheelers. He calls them "yellow" since they are yellow. He was riding them almost constantly throughout the day as we all took turns taking him out. Sienna likes the four-wheelers almost as much as Jericho, so she spent a lot of time taking Jericho for rides.

I wish I looked as good as Kayla sans makeup! This is one of the best things about being at the cabin - you don't have to look pretty and you don't even have to shower if you don't want to.

Matthew and Kayla

Matthew figuring out how to wear headphones and look cool!

Jericho actually fell asleep while Holly was taking him out for a ride. His head was bobbing up and down with the bumps and poor Holly was trying to steer and keep his head from hitting the front of the four-wheeler! Unfortunately he woke up before we could get a picture.

Playing Settlers of Catan. I won almost every game!!! Skills or luck? Maybe a little of both :)

Saturday night, Jericho woke up at 2:40 a.m.! Unfortunately the walls in our cabin are not at all sound proof. Poor Holly took Jericho outside in the pouring rain, bundled him up in a blanket and sat him down on her lap and proceeded to slide down the wet stairs until they were at ground level and she could take him to the car. She went back up for pillows and sleeping bags and they stayed the rest of the night out in the car (Jericho falling asleep after playing the I-touch for an hour and a half). It got colder and colder that night and in the morning when we all woke up in the cabin we were trying to figure out where Holly was. We looked outside and it was snowing! We figured out Holly must have gone to the car with Jericho again. Matt & Steve went out at 8:15 to yell down to Holly that it was okay to come in.

We had our own spiritual meeting Sunday as the roads were too slick to go down into Franklin for church. There was a news report that it was to snow again that night, so while we had intended to stay another night, we decided it was best to leave Sunday evening while the roads were clear. Had to get our men back to work safely for Tuesday!

Not sure what Matthew is doing here, but I thought it was cute!


Marian said...

Love your post. Brought back lots of memories. Oh those thin walls. Reminds me of "Goodnight Jimboy."

Diane said...

Yeah you are still there! Matthew is so cute and life in Idaho looks GREAT!!!