Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jumping in for a Bath!

We were at Holly's house the same day we had gone to the zoo and Jericho had to take a bath that night. While we were all hanging out in the family room, Jericho came traipsing in sans towel. At just about the same time I'd been wondering where Matthew had disappeared to. Holly ran after J-boy to get some clothes on him and glanced over into the bathroom to find Matthew in the tub with all of his clothes on having a great time in the water!

The water was still dripping out of the faucet and he was filling this cup and drinking it.

When he saw us he promptly plopped down into the tub and then turned around and did a belly flop on the tub floor. He is a silly guy!

I found a sweater in the diaper bag to put on him. Here he is in one of his favorite spots - shhh . . . don't tell Grandma Karen that he just loves her computer!

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