Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dipping fries in Idaho!

So, we now live in the great state of Idaho! I really never though I'd say that. I never imagined living here and I honestly felt sorry for all the people I met that grew up in Idaho. Like it was the middle of no where po-dunk state. Everyone I meet here has moved up from California. We didn't even take any pictures of us moving in. We had plenty of guys from our new ward show up to move us in and I seriously think it took less than an hour to unload the truck. They were wonderful and I'm sure highly motivated to get the work done quickly so they could go shooting for their Elder's Quorum activity. Yes, we definitely live in Idaho. Matt politely declined the invitation to go shooting although I told him he was welcome to go :)

Here are a few pictures of Matthew at Five Guy's dipping fries in ketchup for the first time. He would dip, dip, dip, and then suck the ketchup off the fry and dip again! One day he will learn that the fry is actually really tasty!

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