Thursday, April 15, 2010

First Sleepover

We had our good friends, Sarah and Ainsley stay the night. Sarah is a close friend of mine out here in Pennsylvania. I moved into the ward about two months before she was due to have Ainsley. Sarah and her family moved to Alaska in May. Her husband, Ryan went up early to start his new job and Sarah stayed behind to pack up the house and get it ready to sell while taking care of their 9 month old and dog. She is amazing! We decided to have a sleep over while Matt was out of town. We rented The Blind Side and got ice cream from Handel's.
Matthew and Ainsley taking a bath. Here, Matthew's looking quite happy and Ainsley's not so sure about this.
This was hilarious. I was in the other room for a moment while Sarah was watching them and I hear Sarah say, "No Ainsley don't touch that." Right after she said that Matthew peed - a common occurrence in our bathtub. We were laughing so hard. I then put the washcloth on top of him so that she didn't get too curious.
After both babies were all cleaned up we let them play. Ainsley was splashing away and Matthew was getting lots of water in his eyes. He's not used to that.

A little background on our friendship: Sarah worked up until about two weeks before she had Ainsley and she and I started hanging out about as soon as she stopped working so that she wouldn't go crazy with all of her free time. I really enjoyed getting to know her and we found out we had a lot in common. We went shopping at the outlets, to get pedicures, to eat ice cream (several times) and to relax at the pool. This was during the time that Matt and I were sharing a car. Matt was gone a lot for hearings, so Sarah ended up picking me up nearly every time we hung out. I joked around that she was my Taxi. I remember one time that Sarah had to stop at the store to grab something and she let me do my grocery shopping for the week as we were out of food and Matt was out of town. I think we were both needing a good friend at the time and praying to find a good friend. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father placed us in each others' paths. We sure miss our friends.

The next morning. Hanging out and doing some baby yoga!

The four of us at Sarah's farewell luncheon.


Sarah said...

Awww!! These are such cute pictures!! I miss you Robyn - LOVE YOU TONS!!

Jackie said...

He looks pretty chill in that tub!

Music Mama said...

So cute! Heavenly Father always puts the nicest people in your path when you need them! Cute tub pics!!