Saturday, April 24, 2010

Matthew's First Trip to Idaho

This picture was taken at a gas station on the way up. We stopped to feed Matthew. It was super windy outside and my mom had to walk Matthew outside for a minute. She put his swaddling blanket over him to protect him. I was laughing so hard. I love his eyes!
The Casos girls with Matthew - Danielle, Capri, and Kristina. The two older girls just new contacts just before we saw them! They were very excited and barely managed not to lose them the first day.
Uncle Steve and Danielle playing with baby.

Steve put Matthew on the Lazy Susan and he went spinning around and around.
The girls helping Matthew during meal time. Still getting used to eating solids.
The three younger girls showing me the dance they made up to Miley Cyrus's Party in the USA. That song was stuck in my head for weeks!
Sticking out their booties!

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