Friday, April 16, 2010


Matthew and I accompanied Matt on a business trip to Columbus, Ohio. While we were there I was having a craving for some ice cream. I put our trusty GPS to work and found a Graeter's nearby. This is my sister, Holly's, FAVORITE ice cream. I called her on our way to rub it in a little and ask for some recommendations. Her favorite - Black Raspberry Chip. We thoroughly enjoyed every bit!

My ice cream cone was about as big as Matthew's head! Matt got the same size cone and mine looked about double his. I think it's the biggest ice cream cone I've ever eaten.

Checking out of the hotel.


Rumsey's said...

you look great robyn

Music Mama said...

Graters is soooo yummy! The next time you're in Colunbus, go to Jeni's. They have some very interesting flavors, and it's also delicious :) Oh, and if you're ever in an area of Ohio that has Ritters, be sure and stop there as well! (Can you tell I made my way around the ice cream of Ohio?!)

Holly said...

I am seriously salivating as I look at that ice cream cone. Oh, how I miss Graeters!