Thursday, April 29, 2010

MKSIV's Fan Club

One of our favorite things to do while in Utah is visit with family and friends. It was fun to show off Matthew to so many people that love him!
Aunt Jean. We love going to Aunt Jean's house. She always makes the BEST food!
Uncle Dick. Matt could talk to Uncle Dick for hours. He always has great stories.
Nancy - our neighbor in Trellis. She LOVES Matthew and would hold him all day even he were screaming. She is one of the sweetest, kindest people I know.
Mandy (due with #2 on September first) and Asher met up with us at In-N-Out.
Brianne came over before we headed out to meet our Ann Taylor friends for dinner. Brianne usually doesn't like babies, but she LOVED Matthew.
Pam with Matthew - she was so nice to walk around the restaurant with Matthew when he got fussy. She got lots of attention from everyone admiring our sweet little guy.
Nicola withe her beautiful little Nicole. It was SO fun to meet Nicole. She is just perfect!
He is all smiles with Susan! Boy do I miss these girls!
The primary reason we flew out to Utah was for Joshie's baptism. He is the first family member on Matt's side to get baptized at 8 years old. We are so proud of him!
This is Kylan with Matthew. He is the son of our good friends, Leslie and Greg Friel. He is such a good boy. We were impressed by how well he ate at dinner - lots of veggies.

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Old Matt said...

Of course everyone loves him. How could they not? He is such a great kid. :-)