Saturday, October 10, 2009

Let the coupon shopping begin!

My sister, Heather, has inspired me to start couponing (is that a word?). She is the ultimate bargain shopper. Since we have moved from two salaries to one, things have been tighter. Especially since preparing for MKSIV who will be joining our family next month. I figured it is high time I start figuring out how to use coupons to my advantage and shop the sales. Matt is all for it as long as I don't buy things that we would not normally use "just because I have a coupon." So, I have been frequenting "Pinching Your Pennies" over the last week and Heather was able to find me two blogs local to PA that list deals at the grocery stores close to us. I actually got a heads up this week on a Friends and Family 20% coupon for Babies R Us through the PPYP blog and was able to get a crib that would have normally been out of our price range. I had spent an inordinate amount of time searching for cribs online previous to this and had my eye on this one, wishing it were a bit less expensive. Very exciting!

Tonight, Matt and I headed over to Weis grocery store. We've actually been there just once or twice since we moved here. We didn't even have the savers card yet, so I sent Matt to the service desk to sign up for one while I commenced shopping. I am so proud to share that we saved 45% on our shopping trip between coupons and "Weis Club Savings." So instead of spending $101.31, we spent $57.31. It certainly paid off to plan a trip and look for the deals.

I signed up for the newspaper this week too so that I can start getting Sunday coupons. So far, I've just been printing coupons from I am so excited to be saving money. Thanks Heather for all your help in getting me started!


Dan, Kristin, and Lincoln said...

Awesome...If I wasn't so overwhelmed with everything else in my life I might join in...maybe someday!

Marian said...

Wow Robyn, I am totally impressed!!!

Josh said...

That's a lot of money to save in one trip!! I got some good toy coupons from that I'll be using for Christmas.

(this Jackie by the way)

Heather said...

WAHOOOO!!!! I'm so proud I could cry :) Way to go--it's so very worth the time and effort!