Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A few pictures of my pregnant belly

Many of you have been asking and I've been avoiding it. I mean, who really wants to take pictures of themselves at this stage of pregnancy let alone share them with other people? I am now 37 weeks and every week for the last few months, I have thought, is it possible for this belly to get any bigger? The answer is yes.
35 weeks prego.
In the car after seeing the doctor at 36 weeks. Yes, this is the same sweater I'm wearing in both pictures, different colors. One thing I will not miss about pregnancy - the limited wardrobe. I can't wait to be able to wear real people clothes again!


Jewels said...

You look absolutely adorable!!! I never ever made it past 37 weeks, all of my kids come early. I can't imagine going any further then that!! Good Luck counting down the days! I can't wait to see pictures of the sweet little dude!!!

lisa said...

You look fab robyn! I agree about the wardrobe--i hate going shopping now! I'm already thinking of the fun stuff i can TRY and wear after the baby comes!!! I love the sweater--in BOTH colors!!!

Jackie said...

Wow, to think I have 4 children and I have no idea what it's like being 37 weeks. Lookin good though, Robyn. You still have the glow about you.

Paige said...

You look AWESOME! I know you're ready to meet the little guy, but remember you are a mother FOREVER. It will be a LONG time before you have any quality time to yourself. Enjoy it while you can:)

Rumsey's said...

awww.. Robyn- look at those little toothpick legs under that baby belly :)

I probably should take some pregnancy pictures for memory sake.

Melissa and Zac said...

You look great--after you have your baby and are a normal size again you will be glad your pregnant belly has been documented! I hate pregnant pics but took a picture right before delivery both times and it's fun to look back and see the big belly--and be glad it's gone! :)

Holly said...

You are a brave woman to take pregnant belly pictures--and a very CUTE woman too!!! Only a few more weeks, and you will be LOVING all the clothes you can fit into, even if you are so tired that you only feel like wearing your jammies!

Rumsey's said...

WHERE is baby Matthew!?!?!

You'd better not forget to include us in the e-mail announcement!

I'm so excited for you :)

I want to know how it all goes.