Saturday, October 10, 2009

AACA Car Meet in Hershey

I heard that there was a big car show in Hershey, PA this week. In fact it's one of the biggest held in the country. Those of you who know Matt, know his love for old cars - especially "muscle" cars from the 70's. He is still mourning the loss of his 1973 Pontiac Grandville (pictured at the top of our blog) which we traded in for a 2009 VW Tiguan. So, I figured he would be excited about going to a car show and suggested we go Saturday. I was surprised how much I enjoyed looking at the antique cars and admiring the details of each car. Cars of the past just do not compare to cars today. I can't imagine going to a show 50 years from now to see cars manufactured today. Older cars have a distinct smell to them and reminded me of the old Grandville. I really enjoyed watching Matt get excited about different cars. I managed to take a few pictures of a some of the cars he liked.

Dodge Charger (I think)
Ford Mustang
Chevelle (I think)
Another Mustang
This is a "house" car from the 1920's. I had never seen anything like it. They had it all decorated in period style inside.
This was Matt's favorite car at the show. It's a Cadillac. He just loves long cars. His dream car is a Lincoln Continental with suicide doors. We saw one while we were there, but it was driving out, so we missed our photo op.


Dan, Kristin, and Lincoln said...

Dan would have been in heaven here. He LOVES muscle cars. His dad used to have a Chevelle.

Josh said...

It brings up memories of going to see the Dukes of Hazard car in Atlanta.

D&C said...

I am glad to see a picture of Robyn. You are getting so close to MKSIV! We are excited to see him sometime....I did try to call, I will have to get your info from you again, if you have a new phone.