Thursday, January 26, 2012

Our First Big Snowfall (and Maybe Last)

We have been waiting and waiting here in Idaho for some snow to play in.  It finally came.  I was getting really worried that we'd never be able to put to use that snowsuit I purchased for Matthew several months ago.  As soon as Matt got home from his hearings, I sent him out to play in the snow with Matthew.  Being pregnant, I wasn't going to fit into my snow pants and I figured it is just much easier for Matt to move around out there and build a snowman.  Thank goodness he works from home, or I would have had no option but to go out.  It started raining later in the afternoon and on through the night, so the snow didn't last long.  That snowman started melting and falling over in less than an hour after they'd built it.  At least we have proof that it snowed and that we (they) played hard!

The ski resort here, Bogus,  had it's latest opening in 69 years of being open due to the lack of snow.  I hope we get a few more good storms in before winter is over.  I have to admit, I really enjoyed the rain the few days following this snow storm.  It rarely rains here and so I was smiling all day as I drove in the rain.  It reminds me of Pennsylvania and the people and beauty that I miss there.

Matthew all dressed for the snow.  He was pretty upset to be put into all of that gear.  Once he got out in the snow he realized Mom had good intentions after all.  He got frustrated with the gloves and Matt eventually took them off so he could make better use of his hands.

Matthew and daddy rolling the first ball for the base of their snowman.

The finished product!


Morgan and Holly said...

What?! You're pregnant and I didn't know!! (probably my own fault for not facebook/blog stalking your properly...I need to step up my game). Matthew is getting so big! Do you know what you're having? When are you due?! Hope you're doing great. I miss you!! -Holly

Old Matt said...

Nice snowman! That boy is getting big, isn't he? Tell him that Grandpa Matt is tentatively planning to see him in May. :) I'll be in touch soon to see when is convenient for you guys. I've never been to Utah or Idaho so I'm particularly looking forward to it.

Jess said...

Welcome to an Idaho winter! Even when it's not a record-breaking no-snow year, there isn't much snowfall during the winter. But at least enough to play in once in a while or ski in at Bogus! :) Time sure flies because it seems like just yesterday I got your wedding announcement. So fun!

Sarah said...

Awww... he looks so big. Love the Winter gear - looks like what people up here wear all the time - except the fur is real and much more bushy to keep the snow and wind out of your face. Can't wait to see you guys in person - see if Ainsley and Matthew remember each other... sadly probably not. But Ainsley is super social and will act like she's known him her whole life (which she kinda has). LOL :)