Monday, May 7, 2012

The Induction

I struggled with the decision on whether or not to get induced for several weeks.  My doctor was worried about the size of the baby as my first (Matthew) was 9 pounds 7 ounces and my belly was consistently measuring 4 weeks ahead of schedule for the last few months.  I was definitely ready physically to be done.  I had about made the decision when I happened upon a blog post by a popular Mormon blogger who said that inducing our babies was taking from them their first act of free agency.  That really bothered me and I definitely pondered it and prayed about what to do.  Originally, Dr. West wanted to induce me 2 weeks before Samantha's due date, but when the time drew nearer, my body was just not progressing enough to feel comfortable moving forward.  I didn't want to be in labor for hours nor have to endure a c-section if possible.  The week before her due date, things still weren't looking favorable.  We went ahead and scheduled the induction for the following Tuesday, only two days before Sam's due date.  I came in the Monday before the day for a check-up and luckily, things were progressing.  By the time I cam in at 7 a.m. Tuesday morning, I was contracting on my own every 10 minutes.  This made me feel much better about my decision.

After arriving at the hospital.  Ready to get going!

My amazing nurse, Wendy, getting the birthing table ready.

 If you look at the monitor, you can get an idea of how strong my contractions were.  This is post-epidural, hence I am lying down and smiling.

 Matt by my side.  He got a finger to the eye playing basketball a few days before this.  I forgot to tell the nurse that's what had happened.  She asked me after the delivery, in private, if we had any issues with abuse at home.  It didn't even cross my mind then that she was probably thinking of Matt's black eye.  I just said, "Oh no, no problems."

 Holly & Steve came to support us. Unfortunately, Steve was on call that day and had to get back to his hospital.  He missed Samantha's arrival by less than 15 minutes.

 This is me relaxing after the epidural.  Thank goodness for modern medicine!  I made it to a 5 and 95% effaced on my own though.  I can be proud of that right?  I spent more time in labor without it than with it.  But, oh it was totally worth getting and why do I always wait so long to get it?!

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