Sunday, May 16, 2010

Half Birthday

Today is Matthew's 6 month birthday! He got to sit on the grass for the first time. It was fun to watch him touch the grass and check it out. Luckily, he had no interest in eating it. He is adorable! He is no longer allowed to be on the beds unattended. We had a close call the other day. I was changing his diaper and he decided to pee just after I took the diaper off (second day in a row). I wen to grab a wipe from his closet and turned around to see him falling off the bed feet first! Thankfully, I bounded across the room and caught him before his head hit the ground. He was fine, just a bit freaked out I think. Matt came running into the room. I was trying to let him continue sleeping. I must have made a lot of noise jumping to save our sweet baby. That is his latest nickname "Sweet Baby."

He is working on his leg and arm muscles. We think he'll be crawling in no time. He just needs to figure out how to coordinate everything together. He still doesn't roll easily from his tummy to his back. Although, a few days ago he suddenly rolled like a bulldozer over to a newspaper to scrunch it up. I'm not sure how he did it, he hasn't done it since, so I'm pretty sure he doesn't know how it was done either. I think it must have been sheer determination.

He is enjoying eating his solids more and more. I was very surprised to find that he likes peas. He does seem a bit finicky. Some days he likes bananas, others he doesn't. This week I plan to make about a month's worth of baby food and freeze it. For the last six weeks, I've been making it daily as needed.

Matthew is a talker. He babbles a lot. He is happiest in the morning just after waking up and he will just talk and talk. I think he may be saying "dadadada" now, much to his daddy's delight. He is such a joy and we are so grateful to have him in our family and watch him grow and change every day.

Big smiles - outside the Bombay House in Provo.

Enjoying his new Jumperoo.
Daddy helping Matthew bust a move.

Matthew enjoying carrots for the first time.


Old Matt said...

Great pictures! What a happy,handsome boy!!

Jackie said...

he's so cute. Time sure flies!

Rumsey's said...

happy half!

Brian & Chelsey said...

He is such a cutie and getting so big! He will be crawling in no time!!! Miss you love you and cant wait to see ya again!!

Holly said...

I am just SO in love with his smile. Totally adorable!

Music Mama said...

What a cutie! He sounds like such a sweet baby :) Happy half birthday to Matthew! Can't wait to see you this summer :)