Friday, May 29, 2009

Birthday Poem

Ode to Robyn Steen
By: Sienna Casos (My adorable niece!)  

My lovely aunt, you are a charm
Your hair sparkles even when you are in alarm!
I love your smile, so soft and clean
You are amazing, my lovely Queen!

Some people say, Boy you're getting fat!
But if they say that, they'll have to deal with fatty Matt
That child in you is a lucky one
With the greatest parents of everyone!

I love you
Happy Birthday Robyn!


Jackie (updated profile) said...

love it. Especially the "fatty Matt" part. It's just so true.

Heather said...

I'm so impressed. You are so the favorite, and rightly so--you are so, so good with the neices, and you will be a fabulous mom, too.

Jewels said...

How cute and sweet is that!! I hope your birthday was a wonderful one and Matt has forgiven me for your birthday "present"!! When do you find out what that little one is?!?

Matt said...

Lovely poem. What's up with the creature on the right of our blog?

Holly said...

What a great poet. Seriously--that baby looking thing is scaring me. You need a different whatever you call those!