Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lititz and Bird-in-Hand

Grace (Matt's mom) and I have been going on adventures to different small towns around Lancaster.  This week we went to Lititz, PA which is a small town that was settled by Members of the Moravian Church in 1756.  The Church motto is "In essentials, unity; in nonessentials, liberty; and in all things, love."  I had never heard of that church, but found out that it's roots are in the Czech Republic.  For a century, only members of the Moravian Church were aloud to live in Lititz.  

Moravian Church
Wilbur Chocolate Co - this is my favorite place in Lititz.  I love chocolate!  I bought some malted milk balls - they are the best!
This picture is for Grace.  I found this on the internet - Our beloved President Obama visiting the Wilbur Chocolate Co.
There are lots of boutiques and fun places to eat in Lititz.


The end of April, Grace and I visited Bird-in-Hand.  I have a fascination with the Amish people and their life of simplicity.  They have a great bakery in this town that Grace loves to visit.  My mom's been there too, so it must be famous!  Outside they have a little goat farm.  

They were playing King of the Mountain on this bridge.  I gasped as that black goat pushed the white one off the bridge.
Grace feeding the goats.

I caught a shot of some Amish children walking home from school.

This is The Farmisville Auction which is held weekly on Tuesdays.  I found out about his online and thanks to the trusty GPS (a house warming gift from Mary, Mark, and Grace) we were able to experience all the auction had to offer, which wasn't much.  We got there about an hour before it started.  It was like a ginormous yard sale.  There was only one thing I would have ever considered bidding on - a black medal plant three-tier plant stand.  I hate to say it, but it was a bunch of junk!  The parking lot was packed with cars.  Lots of people attended the event.  I'm not sure if they were really interested in the items for bid or in socializing with each other. 


Jackie (updated profile) said...


do not trust Amish people. They are extremely violent, dishonest people. You should probably come back to Utah immediately.

Marian said...

I love the goats. Its a great illustration of the "Billy Goats Gruff" story! People go to those auctions to just see if someone has a rare antique hidden amongst all that junk. Sometimes they are rewarded!

Matt said...

I don't think you can say "Bird-in-Hand" on the internet, babe.

Rumsey's said...

Ooooh! This is definitely a place that I would have fun at if I owned a house.