Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Night out with the Shipley Bunch

Matt playing with Ben who loves balls!

Christmas this year was a bit different as my parents are in Ghana serving a mission. We still managed to get together with family several times. The Saturday before Christmas, we got together with Heather, Matt, and Jon and their families. We went to Jumping Jacks in Lindon and the kids enjoyed jumping to their hearts' content. Presley and Beckham sure have a good time together.  Ben will hang out with those two as well, but he really enjoys playing on his own.  He was a bit more afraid to jump on the trampolines.  Katie was wishing her cousins from Idaho were around - she is the oldest of this group and was heard once to say, "I'm bored." Poor girl needs some kids her age to play with!
  I helped entertain the littlest ones - Ira, Maggie, and Brooklyn. They are adorable. Ira has decided to become the shy baby and he will either cover his face with his hands or put his head down like a little turtle. Brooklyn has decided not to be completely terrified of people and actually let me hold her the entire night! That is a huge step for her. Maybe one day I will be able to babysit without her crying the whole time. Maggie is happy as ever and drooling lots as her teeth are coming in. 

After we were done with our hour of jumping - the girls sent the kids back to Jon and Jess's to play and watch the BYU game and the girls went out to dinner. 
You would think by looking at this picture of Matt that BYU did well - quite the opposite!

I had heard of a new place to eat in Orem that was supposed to be really good - Pizzeria Seven Twelve. We all decided to order a different pizza and share. Jess went with the simplest pizza - tomato sauce, hand pulled mozzarella, and basil. Becky ordered speck, soppresatta, garlic, and mozzarella pizza. Heather ordered caramelized onions, potato, rosemary, and fontina pizza and I ordered roasted fennel, house made sausage, and mozzarella. They actually had a dictionary at the bottom of the menu to help us decipher what exactly we were ordering.  They were all so good. We voted mine #1 in case any of you go. I would order any of them again. They had three desserts on the menu which we all shared too. It was great to go out with just the girls and for the others, have a break from the kids.
Matt holding Maggie, Becky and Jon


Heather said...

I think Brooklyn would survive a babysitting stint without trauma now. We should try it soon! :)

Holly said...

I am sure the girls would have LOVED entertaining Katie for a little while. . .