Monday, December 8, 2008


As most of our readers know, my work takes me all over the country. Last week it took me to Texas, where high school football is king, and the size of people's egos is exceeded only by the size of the steaks (see below). I struggled to find things to do in Dallas, but one site I wanted to visit was the book depository, where President Kennedy was shot. Even now, 45 years after his death, rumors swirl around the assasination of one of our country's most overrated Presidents. Was it the work of a lone gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald? Or was it the product of a sinister cabal consisting of communists, mobsters, members of the Castro resistance (who felt betrayed after the Bay of Pigs fiasco), jealous suitors of President Kennedy's famous paramour, Marilyn Monroe, aliens, the CIA, and the John Birch Society? We may never know. Below are some pictures of the scene. Perhaps they can help you come to your own conclusion.

The book depository. From the 6th floor of this building, someone killed the President.

The view from the grassy knoll. Sure makes a fine vantage point for a second gunman!

Looking up from the street to the grassy knoll. Is that the faint image of a man's head and a puff of gunsmoke?

After working up an appetite piecing together decades-old mysteries, it was time to eat. I wanted to eat steak while in Texas, figuring that it, like everything else, would be bigger. The Traildust steakhouse didn't disappoint. I ordered a 30-oz porterhouse with all the fixins (the largest you can order is a 50-oz).

It also came with an angioplasty.


Heather said...

Wow, sounds like a cool trip, despite feeling like there wasn't much to do. That is QUITE the stake. Did you get through the whole thing?

Rumsey's said...

I hope next time you get to come to Houston! That would be really cool.

DRoberdeau said...

For your considerations....

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President Kennedy "Men of Courage" Speech, & JFK Assassination Research & Discoveries, Don Roberdeau, 1975 to Present

Under the "magic-limbed-ricochet-tree": Z-188, then, Z-203 to 206

Discovery: ROSEMARY WILLIS's Zapruder Film Documented 2nd Headsnap: West, Ultrafast, & Directly Towards the "Grassy Knoll"

Jackie said...

That is the biggest nastiest slab of meat I have ever seen. Did it have the same after effect on you as Outback?

Rumsey's said...

Thanks for the comments! Robyn, YOU'RE gorgeous...

Definitely give us a call/e-mail us when you're coming/when you know so we can hang out. We have the same cell #. That would be really fun.