Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lititz Chocolate Walk

Saturday, October 9th

My mom flew back with Matthew and I from Utah just so she could come to the Lititz Chocolate Walk. We had been looking forward to this day ever since we found out about it in July when she and my dad were in town. Grace came with us as well and at the last minute Matt and MKSIV decided to join us too. So, the chocolate walk is an annual event, always on the second Saturday of October and has been going on since 2001. There are 30 stops around the town of Lititz where local chocolatiers offer samples. There were a large variety of chocolate including fudge, chocolate sandwiches, chicken wings baked in a chocolate sauce, ice cream, and mousse. I was in chocolate heaven! After the third stop, we all decided we had reached our chocolate consumption for the day. I know that sounds super early for those of you that know me and my love of chocolate. I decided that looking at loads of chocolate makes you feel like you've also eaten it. Luckily, we brought containers to put our chocolate in for the rest of the walk. I think this may have to be an annual tradition.

Mice made out of Wilbur buds.

The grandmas at one stop. We really enjoyed walking through all the boutiques in town.

Matthew loves to climb in his stroller.

Playing peek-a-boo!

He is a climber (I am in for it)!

Matt and I in front of an antique elevator (you pull on rope to go up and down). It still functions today. Not the best shot, but the only one I have of Matt for the day.

Finally reached the last stop after 4 1/2 hours!


Jessica said...

Your on a roll.

The Larsens said...

I want to go next year!

Holly said...

Wish I could have been there with you. And wishing your picture of chocolate made me feel like I did not want to eat chocolate any more. . .

Heather said...

Wow...sounds amazing and fun!

Marian said...

Maybe we need to do a Shipley girls outing to Lititz next October - it really WAS FUN!

Rumsey's said...

YUM. 3 stops and you were chocolated out?!?! They must have been pretty generous.