Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Festivities

We have been partying it up this week in celebration of Fall and Halloween. We still have a big dinner coming up Sunday at Mary and Mark's, but I thought I should document the week's events thus far.At the Ward "Fall Festival" Tuesday night. The Young Women do a lot of the work for this night, entertaining the primary children, so I was busy helping with that. This is Joe and Eliza.

Eliza was checking out Matthew in the first picture and now it's his turn. They are so adorable!

Thursday night carving our pumpkins. Mark placing his pattern.

Mary hard at work. She and I chose very complicated patterns. We learned our lesson.
Trying to keep Matthew happy. He was having a hard time not being the center of attention.
I spent most of my time tracing my pattern. Cut out the spider before we had to leave.

Matt freestyling it. This is his intense look of concentration.

My little monkey at a Halloween party at Lindsay's. He hates being in his costume. It was a bit big for him - slows him down. He fussed and fussed until I took it off. I even waited to dress him up until the middle of the party for fear of this. At least I got one picture!

The finished products. Matt left to go to the Tulsa vs. Notre Dame football game with some of his law buddies. This is how I spent my night after putting Matthew to bed.
What beautiful jack-o-lanterns!


Brian & Chelsey said...

FUN! Matthew looks so cute in his costume!!! and you did a great job on the pumpkins! Better than me...all I got was a pumpkin and its sitting on my porch. Boring I know :) Miss you!!

Jackie said...

How fun! We just paint ours, I'm too afraid to give the kids carving tools. Matthew looks really good in that costume. Hopefully he doesn't inherit his dad very noticeable receding hairline.

(the banana really completes the look, too)

Marian said...

Love his costume Rob! Your pumpkins are awesome!