Saturday, March 13, 2010

Your Baby Fix

Here are some pics of our adorable Baby Maffew to hold you over until you're lucky enough to see him in person.

For the last week or so, when we go into get Maffew in the morning we find him totally askew in his crib. We always lay him longways in his crib, of course, but throughout the night he somehow manages to wiggle his way down 90 degrees. I find it baffling how a 4 month old baby has the physical strength to move himself so much. He is starting to wiggle a little, but throughout the day I never notice him moving that much. It's kind of like the crop circles or the big statues on Easter Island: it's a mystery how it happens but you know there must be a logical explanation, right???

Maffew has really taken to sucking on his fists (and our fingers). Though in this picture it looks like another baby came out of nowhere and punched him in the mouth.

Baby and daddy take a nap, after which we both got diaper changes.

Is it any wonder where Baby gets his good looks? I told Robyn that all of Maffew's friends were going to tell him how beautiful his mother was. Her reply: "I hope so."

Cody and me relaxing on his couch.

Baby Maffew loves his play dates with Ainsley from the ward. He just lays there right now, but soon he'll be big enough to pull her hair and stuff.


Old Matt said...

Great pictures and video. Daddy better keep in shape or that boy will run him ragged. :)

Brian & Chelsey said...

Oh he is just so cute!!! Cant wait to see him again!!

Sarah said...

He's growing so fast and what cute friends he chooses to associate with!

Rumsey's said...

Robyn looks GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!

Matthew is so adorable. I especially love the pic of him taking a nap with Matt. It's funny how all babies move very similarly. I love his smile in that bath time video.

Jessica said...

I cannot wait to see him in April. He needs to bond with baby Woobs.

Jackie said...

My goodness, he is so cute! I can't wait to see him again.

Marian said...

He is quite the talker! I love the picture of Sarah and him. Looking forward to giving him a squeeze!

Holly said...

Thanks for the pics. I have been having Baby Matthew withdrawals. . . I think he needs to come visit. ANd if you and Robyn come along, I'd be ok with that too. :)