Tuesday, March 23, 2010

St. Patty's Day!

I have a family tradition to do a green dinner for St. Patrick's Day. Normally, I dye different foods green to accomplish this, but this year I wanted to do things a little bit more natural. I started searching the internet for "green dinner" and found all sorts of links to "earth-friendly" green dinners. That wasn't quite the direction I wanted. I found an AMAZING recipe for chicken pesto pasta.


We had our favorite Pear Feta Salad. Grace brought Watergate Salad (a pistachio pudding based salad) and I found another recipe for Lucky Four-Leaf Clover Rolls. This may just become our staple St. Patty's meal. It was so good and I just don't know that I could improve upon it. Matt made Key Lime Cupcakes and Mary and Mark brought mint chocolate chip ice cream. Matt and I spent several hours preparing all the food and we all enjoyed eating it. Matt and I make a great team in the kitchen. He is always so willing to help and I really love that about him.

Grace showed up in a lovely green sweater and early so that she could help take care of Matthew while we prepared the meal.
*I'm pretty sure mine turned out about twice as big as they were supposed to - I may try to make the balls small next time. They are yummy either way.
Mary claims she doesn't own one green piece of clothing. Looks like we have some shopping to do for next year! Mark is licking his lips! I tried taking another photo, but unfortunately it was blurry.
Key Lime Cupcakes. We forgot to dye the frosting green because we were so anxious experience the deliciousness of these cupcakes. I had one later and at least doubled the amount of frosting on top - the best part of a cupcake in my opinion.


Matt said...

You don't have to cover for me, honey. I made the cupcakes. It was I who forgot to dye the icing. And holy crap, Mom looks really old.

Jackie said...

that's the sweater I gave mom for Christmas! And yes, I was thinking she looks well seasoned. You are welcome for the cupcake recipe.

Brianne said...

I thought about you on St. Patrick's Day because of your green food tradition. In fact, it made me have my students write about their family's St. Patty's Day traditions. :) It was fun.