Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Way to go Miss Caleeforneea!

A few days ago the annual USA pageant was held in Las Vegas, Nevada (pronounced NE-VAH-DAH). While the pageant has long ago lost its luster (I think it's shown on Country Music Television or something), there was one particularly entertaining bit to come out of it: Miss California's response to bottom-dwelling scum bag "Perez Hilton's" question on gay marriage. Here's a video clip:

The Miss USA pageant isn't the place you expect to find such a brave display of principles, especially since she must've known deep down it cost her the crown. "Perez" said he gave her 0 points for her answer, which is pretty messed up considering she gave an honest answer to a very difficult question. And of course, all kinds of people have come out since the pageant to display their righteous indignation at Miss California's bigotry, like shrill feminist attorney Gloria Allred.

But the best part of the story could be the comments that came from Miss California's grandma! Elderly people (especially those 89 years old like the grandma) can always be counted on for an awesome sound byte because they don't realize that nowadays your comments can be transmitted over radio, television, "email," as most elderly refer to the internet, and other instruments of witchcraft. But most importantly, in another similarity between the very old and the very young, elderly people have generally lost all remnants of the mental filter that gives you pause before saying things that in your youth you'd know would elicit a negative response, like "I didn't know there were so many gays out there!" or this diddy: "I don't know why that gay guy Perez was even judging a contest with a bunch of girls. That doesn't make any sense. He should've been judging a Chippendale's contest." Zing!


Jackie (updated profile) said...

The weird thing is that the current administration is also against gay marriage, but no one is decrying that. It does not make any sense.The same people who are crying about wanting gay marriage legalized, voted for Obama. Go figure.

Becky said...

Pretty lame that he gave her a big fat 0. She tried to be diplomatic. Good for her, go California.

I would also like to applaud YOUR bravery in admitting that you watch pageants.

Matt said...

Thanks, Becks, but I didn't watch the pageant. I just heard the firestorm the next day and Robyn played the clip from the internets.

Rumsey's said...

ahhh.. refreshing.