Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Let Me Google That For You"

Today I was chatting with a friend. He asked me, as he always does, some inane question that he could've easily answered himself if he had taken the time to use the popular internet search engine "Google." So I, being the smart pants that I am, sent him a link to a website I recently discovered: http://www.lmgtfy.com/ (Let Me Google That For You). Go to that website, type in the same question that was posed to you, then copy the link and send it to your lazy inquisitor. The person clicks on the link and receives a very simple and sarcastic tutorial on how to use google while being sent to the link with the search results. Real fun.


Jackie (updated profile) said...

I had no idea about that.I'm going to ask this Google genie "why are Matt and Robyn moving to Pennsylvania?"

Mike said...

Hello. My name is Mike, and I asked Matt the “innane” question he referred to. I think he meant “inane”, but oh well.

I asked Matt how to search for court cases where a certain party was involved. This seemed a reasonable question to ask an attorney, who you’d think would be familiar enough with the relevant databases that he could give a fairly quick but helpful answer.

Matt arrogantly dismissed my question because he couldn’t answer it in much detail at all.

So, if someone asks you a question you really should be able to answer but can't, cloak your ignorance in a veil of wittiness by sending them to www.lmgtfy.com!

Dani said...

That website is hilarious! I didn't know you guys had a blog! I was trying to figure out from Robyn's facebook account where you guys are and what was going on and voila! Hooray! :)