Wednesday, October 1, 2008


The Steens recently returned from their much anticipated visit to the Keystone State, Pennsylvania. For some of our readers, Pennsylvania is a place they only think they've heard of but know nothing about. Over the next several installments, we hope to share with you the wonders and delights of our nation's second state and a chronicle of our exciting visit last week.

The journey to Pennsylvania started off well enough. We had a very early flight (6am) to Denver. At Denver International airport we enjoyed a short breakfast and started the second leg of our journey to Baltimore-Washington International airport. That's when things got interesting. I sat in the aisle seat and Robyn in the middle seat. By the window was a lady who seemed as normal as any other. 2 hours into the 3 hour flight, the lady had to go to the bathroom. Shortly after she returned she suddenly announced she had to get up again. Then, without warning she threw up all over Robyn! Yes, dear reader you read correctly! My sainted wife was covered in the regurgitated bile of a complete stranger! And I didn't exactly help matters. After the lady hurled on Robyn, I was half standing, half sitting in a shocked stupor at the spectacle. Robyn looked at me and with justified yet remarkably restrained sternness told me: "Matt, MOVE!" Right when she did a second wave of vomit struck my poor wife.

Both of us hurried to the bathroom (I had a little on my leg). Robyn spent about 20 minutes cleaning up. As far as vomit goes, this stuff was pretty tame. It appeared the lady had only been consuming soda over the previous few hours. The flight attendants did all they could to help rectify the situation. We got new seats and feasted on free snack boxes (how we mustered the appetite is anyone's guess). Robyn was very gracious for someone who had just been barfed on, assuring the lady that it was alright.

Tomorrow, our harrowing trip to Hershey Park!


Jackie said...

Oh Robyn....I'm so,so sorry. How horrible . I'm sure the overwhelming smell of manure in Amish country made up for it though.

Brian & Chelsey said...

Oh That sucks!!! i am so sorry!!! I hope the rest of the trip went better!

The Brophy's said...

That is seriously my greatest fear!! I'm surprised you didn't gag and throw up too. Well, if she could have picked anyone more kind and forgiving it would have been Robyn but I am still so sorry! Can't wait to hear all about it at book club.

The Larsens said...

All I can say is WOW!!

Rumsey's said...