Sunday, August 17, 2008

Brian Regan

Friday night we went out with Mandy and Lance. We had dinner at the Olive Garden - Lance's choice. I was tempted to override this decision for dinner, but knowing in Richfield, UT they have to choose between eating out at Subway or getting a hotdog at the local Maverick, I let the choice stand. I mean, you can only eat Subway sandwiches and hotdogs that have been heating under florescent lights for hours so many times - and Lance is a big guy, he needs a good meal once in a while. We headed up to Thanksgiving Point afterward to see Brian Regan (a comedian). The show started at 8 and we got up there around 7:30 and it was packed! Luckily, Mandy ran into an old friend from the singles ward and asked if they had room for 4. He said they were actually moving to sit with some friends on the grass and so they would give up there spot to us - front and center - on a cement pad. It wasn't too bad! Better than sitting in the very back. Brian Regan was great - you should really check him out if you haven't. My roommate, Melanie, introduced him to me in college. He is a clean comedian which is hard to find these days and his facial expressions add so much to the comedy. Lance added to the entertainment value with his laugh. We headed out to "Spoon Me" afterward. This is a new yogurt place in town. One of my associates at AT told me about it so we decided to give it a shot.

They happened to be having a big rave - tons of college students dancing around and the music so loud, you had to yell to place your order. Let's just say we were really feeling our age and were the only ones there with wedding rings on. They played a few songs we knew like - "I Like Big Butts" - to which Lance knew all the words.

Here is one of my favorite Brian Regan acts:


Mike said...

Brian Regan is pretty funny. Maybe he'll run for president someday like his Dad.

I'm pretty sure Matt knows the words to "I Like Big Butts" too. Maybe you should ask him. After all, he does have an LA face with an Oakland booty.

bradnlisa said...

My brother and sister in law saw Brian Regan and loved his stuff too! And my other siste-in-law got his Cd or Dvd for her fiance! Sounds like a fun night!

Jessica said...

Sounds like Brian cracked you all up! That is a great pic of you and Matt.