Wednesday, August 13, 2008

10 Year Anniversary

Today is my 10th year anniversary of RM-hood! On August 13th, 1998 my plan touched down in Harrisburg, PA to a small crowd of family and well wishers. It's hard to believe it's been that long. Time sure flies. When I got home I thought I knew everything and had reached a spiritual plateau. I was so naive. But I'm pretty sure I'm there now.

In Olympic news, the Steeners are thoroughly enjoying the games. Robyn was especially impressed with the synchronized diving, which is usually an unheralded and overlooked sport. While Robyn may not have been greatly interested in the sport itself, the svelte figures of the divers certainly grabbed her attention. At one point she dreamily exclaimed with rapt, vacant eyes, her mouth agape: "look at those guys' abs." She then went on for a few minutes about the abs.

Robyn carries an Olympic-sized torch for these guys . . .

The real meat of the Olympic games, of course, is women's handball. Early this morning the Hungarians stunned the Germans 25-24. Hungary's Gorbicz scored the game winner and now leads all other handballers with 24 goals so far.


Jessica said...

Oh Matt you are hilarious. I can just imagine Robyn. I will have to make sure I get myself a good look at these men.

heather said...

Handball? Random!

My kids thought the Chinese girl divers in synchro were boys...yikes, but oh so fun to watch.

Kayla Casos said...

oh those chinese girl diver were AMAZING. I knew that one was going to definitely when. Chen, i think it was.