Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fourth of July

The Steeners celebrated the Fourth of July in grand style this past weekend! First, we went up to the cabin in Franklin, Idaho. We were accompanied by Jess and Jon Shipley, Matt and Becky Shipley, their children, and legions of agitated mosquitoes. The mosquitoes notwithstanding, it was a great time, despite the fact that Robyn shredded a tire on the way up. I even managed to get a little studying in. Speaking of which, try your luck at the sample bar question to the right. The answer will be revealed the next time the Steeners post.

On Saturday, July 5th, Robyn and I went to Farmington to have a nice BBQ with all her Farmington friends. We stayed with Dick and Ann Cobb, whom I especially love visiting. A good time was had by all at the BBQ. The food was great and plentiful, and the company was pleasant. Several of us, including Robyn, played some basketball. The evening took a nearly deadly turn, however, after the sun went down.

Some people brought fireworks (the legal kind that don't shoot up, etc) and set them off to the delight of all, especially the children. I also brought my special illegal fireworks I purchased from an Indian (or, if you prefer, Native American) reservation outside of Las Vegas. I was counting down the days until I could try them out. After some deliberation, we decided to set off the rockets. So I set one in the grass as loosely as I could and lit the fuse. Unfortunately, the grass provided too much resistance and the rocket stayed in the ground and exploded at ground level with a deafening boom and a huge spray of deadly, yet beautiful sparks. Needless to say, I felt like an idiot. Many were prompted to ask who had invited me. So sorry to all of Robyn's friends and my apologies to your physically and emotionally scarred children.

A nameless and previously lovely child of one of Robyn's friends, who will ever associate the day of our nation's independence with terror and fear.


Dan, Kristin, and Lincoln said...

Who is going to claim the child with the earring and the patch on his eye??? Ha, thanks for the great show Matt!

Brian & Chelsey said...

Matt ur hilarious!! I to thought the show was great!! So that question...i dont think she would be charged with attempted Murder, but more along the lines of manslaughter?? Because it was not a premeditated act. she did not
"plan" to hit that person when she ran the red light. So me personally and i am most likely wrong, but i dont think any of those answers apply, except of course the give her a pass one! :) (or is that not really a sample question and am i way off base???)

Marian said...

Matt, just how does Robyn shred a tire? Robyn, did you sit down with a fork and start shredding it?
Once my brother and his friend made their own firework and it blew up and went through one of their fingers and the others leg! I'm sorry you had to have a bad experience. Everyone learned from that!

The Larsens said...

sounds like you had a great holiday weekend. keep up the good work studying. it will all be behind you soon.

The Brophy's said...

Oh Matt, you crack me up! I have to say that my little Tanner had quite the fun firework show. He kept asking, when are we going to do another "big" one, so not all were terified. Thanks for a memorable night and good luck on the bar!!

Kayla Casos said...

agh! you guys went to the cabin? WITHOUT ME!!!!!??!??!?! >=O oh my jellyfish. no ways. ;_;

good luck on the bar! XD

bradnlisa said...

That picture is of Cooper. :) He is STILL talking about the BIG fiya-werk that 'scaaaaed' him. But honestly-it was the best one we lit! (obviously!) Thanks for the, um...illegals?? rip offs?? whatever!