Thursday, July 17, 2008

Answer to the Trivia Question

The answer is A. She can only be guilty of attempted murder if her actual intent was to kill a pedestrian. If the pedestrian had actually been killed, Lisa could have been convicted of murder because recklessness can satisfy the mental state required for murder. But recklessness is not enough to satisfy the mental state required for attempt. In order to be guilty of attempt, one must commit an act that is a "substantial step" in furtherance of the offense while at the same time intending to bring about the actual result. Driving the car through pedestrians is a "substantial step" toward committing a crime, but since Lisa did not intend to kill the pedestrian (she was just being careless), she cannot be guilty of attempted murder.

I've been studying all stinking day for the bore exam which is now less than two weeks away. The day was pretty boring aside from one bright spot. As I was about to return to studying at BYU's library, I stopped by a snack machine to get one of my new favorite cookies, a Craver's cookie. If you're able to try one, I recommend it. Part of my bar review was in a building with snack machines that featured these. Several times I'd get a Craver's cookie and a small fat free milk. It was an invigorating and healthful boost to my day on several occasions. Anyway, as I put my money into the machine I noticed the next cookie in line looked like it got chopped off on the assembly line or something because it was smaller than usual. Undeterred and desperate for the cookie, I got it anyway. It cost 80 cents. When I reached for my change, I found two extra dimes there (presumably from someone before me who forgot to collect his change). I was very happy because the 20 cents nicely made up for the deficiency in the cookie's size. Another incentive to live right.

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Dan, Kristin, and Lincoln said...

Good Luck on the big test, I am sure you will do great and what a relief to have that behind you! I'm glad you found those craver's cookies to sustain you through these difficult times.