Thursday, May 1, 2008

Revisiting Reverend Wright

Two days ago I posted my thoughts on the Reverend Wright. I had no idea of the firestorm it would create! Sister was pitted against brother, friend against brother's sister, and brother-in-law's brother against friend! Some readers thought that far too much was being made of Reverend Wright. I'd like to address why it is a big deal and why people should care that Barack Obama associated with someone like Reverend Wright.

Obama is a new kid on the block in political years. He hasn't been around for a long time like a lot of the other guys which, yes, can be a great advantage. But whom a person, especially a candidate for President of the United States, associates with, is highly probative of several things. Think of who your friends are. Why do you call them friends? I can't speak for everyone, but I hang out with my friends because we have things in common. We believe the same things, we have a similar sense of humor, political beliefs, and see things in generally the same way.

Reverend Wright's comments shouldn't be imputed to Obama directly. But presumably, Wright has been preaching his garbage for the whole time Obama and his family attended their church. Whether Obama believes it or not, the fact that he stayed in the congregation so long is essentially a ratification of Wright's beliefs, and that's bothersome.

I'm curious, how much of Wright's "Blame America" Gospel rubbed off on Obama? Did the fact that Obama looked up to Wright lend any credence to Wright's views in Obama's mind? If Hillary Clinton can be raked across the coals for her "sniper" gaff, and McCain can be criticized for being 71 years old, then certainly Obama should be held accountable for the words of one of his closest associates.

The first sermon Obama ever heard from Reverend Wright, according to his memoir, "Dreams of My Father," was entitled White Man's Greed. The sermon apparently provided him something that made Obama want to return. Only now, when Obama has everything to lose has he "distanced himself" from Reverend Wright. Obama's relationship with Wright is just as revealing as Hillary's gaffs, her philandering albatross of a husband or McCain's unfamiliarity with the economy.

Most likely, the whole Reverend Wright ordeal won't affect Obama too much. Those who love him do so unconditionally. I suspect that for most of his supporters, his articulate manner, megawatt smile, and vague promises of change are just that comforting and convincing. One news outlet reported that the vast majority of voters in Indiana, for example, were unswayed by the Reverend Wright fiasco.

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Wow Matt, I am impressed! I think you should run for President, I would vote for you and Robyn would make one hot first lady!! Speaking of Robs, where are you in all this, it could really use a little Robyn touch!