Friday, May 9, 2008

Economic Stimulation!

First, some housekeeping. Robyn seems to have completely abandoned the blog, despite months of pining for one. So I've appropriately renamed the blog to reflect that fact.

Just moments ago the Steeners received their economic stimulation bribe from President Bush. Desperate to leave office on some sort of high note, W has resorted to bribing all 280 million of us with a paltry $600 per taxpayer and $1200 per family, with $300 per child. The Steeners, for our part, whole heartedly endorse his shameless, shallow pandering. I am curious what you'll do with your bribe and have included the four most likely scenarios in a poll and invite your participation.

Speaking of economic matters, specifically getting rich quick off the stupidity of others, I've received several very curious letters in the last couple of months from complete strangers. The first was from someone in Florida, the second was from Oklahoma, and the one I received yesterday, from Indiana. According to the letter, all I need to do is send $1 to the people on the list, and, long story short, if everyone on the list follows through, somehow I'll make $800,000 in just a few weeks! At first I was understandably dubious, but when I saw on the last page of the letter that this scheme was featured on Oprah, all doubt was dispelled.

Considering how the receipt of this letter is so close to the receipt of our economic stimulation bribe, it seems obvious that I am being prompted to follow through with the letter. If sending the 5 people on the list a dollar could net me $800,000, think how much I'd make if I send each one $200! 200 times 800,000 is about $160,000,000 if my math is correct. I'll keep you updated on the results!

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