Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hope in a Can

I don't know if it's a new marketing ploy or sheer coincidence, but the new Pepsi logo looks eerily familiar. Here it is:

Here's a very similar logo:

The second logo is that of our soon-to-be annointed President and A-list god incarnate, Barack HUSSEIN Obama. The two logos are sufficiently different, of course, but they're both pretty darn similar. If Pepsi utilizes a marketing plan similar to Obama's campaign strategy, they will craft catchy one line slogans to captivate masses of mental light weights who don't care about the product they're buying nearly as much as the promises it makes. BURN!


Jessica said...

Now that is a BURN I like! The only thing is now every time I crack my can of Pepsi I will think of Hussen

Jackie (updated profile) said...

It's the "Yes we can!" Pepsi can.

Barack said...


It's been so long. The preparations for my coronation have completely taken over my schedule. I can barely squeeze in enough time to work on my pecs and glutes. And just yesterday I had to send Oprah straight to voice mail.

The similarities between my royal seal and Pepsi's logo are striking, are they not? But if Pepsi did follow my marketing strategy, millions of people, from the poorest denizens of the inner city to the trendiest yuppies of the manicured suburbs would go absolutely gaga for it. Mostly because it's brown.

Your Tall Drink of Hope,


Candice said...

As a long time CocaCola drinker, I am ready for Change. Pepsi is my new drink.

Rumsey's said...
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Rumsey's said...

I like Barry's post a lot.

Rumsey's said...

Ever since Obama started his hopenchange blog, I've seen a sharp decrease in blogging efforts by the steeners.

Has he silenced you? :)

Robyn, next time we're headed for SLC, we, or at least I, will leave enough time to visit you guys. Hope things are going well! Keep me "in the loop."